Tuesday, May 29, 2007

you know when lazy music journalists don’t bother actually researching a band they’ve been told to review and instead just describe them in terms of other bands instead of actually describing the music or providing any interesting information about the musicians? yeah the nme used to do that all the time (and they probably still do - who the fuck knows except for tweeny fans of the klaxons nowadays?) and it pissed me off.

anyway here’s a track from this new band who I don’t know much about but if you imagine mark e. smith fronting mouse on mars ripping off the first track from the latest lcd soundsystem record you’ll get the right idea.

oh wait…

von südenfed - fledermaus can't get it (from tromatic reflexxions)

buy it

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Sam said...

yeah but unlike james murphys lame mark e smith impression you get the real deal