Friday, June 15, 2007

nullsleep is my boyfriend
nullsleep is my girlfriend
nullsleep is my dead end
nullsleep is my imaginary friend
nullsleep is my brother
nullsleep is my great-grand-daughter
nullsleep is my sister
nullsleep is my favorite mistress

i love nulsleep
oh golly gosh i really do love nullsleep.

if his music was a girl it’d be the type of girl that you’d never ever mentally defile because she’s so beautiful and perfect.

nullsleep - her lazer light eyes (from teh choons)

nullsleep - on target (from electric heart strike)

nullsleep - friends bring you up

get more of his music for free because he's such a standup guy

Friday, June 08, 2007

so i was walking down the street today and this fucking skinhead brickie over the road up some scaffolding was like “get your hair cut!” and when I looked over at him he just stared at me dead-eyed and repeated himself and it’s like was he being ironic and consciously clich├ęd or does he genuinely think he’s being witty or original because seriously, it’s a sorry existence he’s living if he’s just dumbly going through the motions of shouting such dull abuse because he thinks the fact that he’s a skinhead brickie dictates that he does. people like him should be pitied or ignored or given the lethal injection, but they certainly shouldn’t be admired and given money to make records, as is the case with the twang.

i find few things in the world more depressing than the twang, they’re the antithesis of what music should be. music shouldn’t be dull tales of lager louts on a friday night. music, whether it’s made by wolfgang a. mozard or richard d. james, should be purely escapist and evocative of deep emotions, whether that emotion be deepest sorrow or elated joy. the latter of which architecture in helsinki do exceptionally well and their new album (especially the preceding single, heart it races) is no exception to this rule, even if cameron does seem to have developed his vocal palate to a cross between antony hegarty and the bloke out of the b-52s at times. enjoy.

architecture in helsinki - heart it races

buy it

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

so yeah, if i was religious and believed in a world that made sense with a nice purpose and happy ending and a big friendly man in the sky that loved me and all the rest of his children except for the ones who were male and liked to stick bits of each other into each other i would probably wonder whatever the point of ugly chicks was, because i’m pretty sure that no big ol’ deity in their right mind would create them. they serve no purpose except for to remind us that it could be worse, there could be more (that is except for if you’re in great yarmouth).

anyway, i got served in woolworths by a proper ugly chick the other day and while i was in there i decided to take a cursory look over their cds and realised that i actually hated EVERYTHING there. seriously, there was very little there which I didn’t actively dislike and this made me wonder whatever the fuck happened to pop music, because i would’ve thought that woolworth’s stock would be about as mainstream as they come but it was entirely composed of dull indie bands and slick r&b.

i’m sorry, but when the fuck did chart music get so worthy? has everyone forgotten when pop came brightly coloured from scandinavia with dance moves for the jailbaits to learn?

well I haven’t, and in the honour of taking it way back i decided to rejig some nostalgia. enjoy.

whigfield - saturday night (the boho grow intro's fuck my disco remix)

buy the original (Ha Ha)