Monday, May 28, 2007

there’s a phenomena that seems to be sweeping poverty-striken small-town uk, hundreds and hundreds of little chav children are turning their backs on their burberry-clad elders and dying their hair black and wearing second-hand slipknot and korn tops which make them resemble goths circa 2000.

i’m sure it’s just a phase for many of them and by the time they’re fourteen they’ll be getting twelve-year-olds pregnant and defecating in bus shelters just like their older brothers. despite this, though, i do think that while it lasts it’s quite heartening, but it is a shame that they’re choosing to rebel against the happy hardcore and smooth fm r&b of traditional chavs with such awful tastes in music, though, because they’d probably quite like shouty loud hipster music like the new parts & labor record which would similarly almost certainly be beloved of all angsty thirteen year old funeral for a friend fans everywhere if only it wasn’t the preserve of pretentious beardy fucks in deerhoof t-shirts.

FREE THE MUSIC’S WHAT I SAY! so I hereby demand that if you have a little brother wearing an oversized mcr hoodie and black nail-varnish download the tracks below and force them to listen and in a few years they too may be a pretentious beardy fuck in a deerhoof t-shirt as opposed to an emo travesty or asbo teen.

parts & labor - new buildings (from stay afraid)

parts & labor - fractured skies (from mapmaker)

buy it

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