Monday, July 02, 2007

over the weekend i spent twenty-eight hours with my eyes wide open as can be at wild in the country which was pretty bangin' on the whole (especially the mighty justice, who only went and fucking dropped killing in the name of at the end of their set!), yet despite being a wholly enjoyable ex-per-i-ence in terms of the ol' musicality it was also a wholly soggy and muddy experience in terms of the weather.

well, i know people say "it's not a festival if you don't get your nice trainers caked brown" but, y'know, i don't think the patrons sunning themselves at coachella or benicassim look like they're missing out on anything so, um, that's bullshit and the fact still remains that it’s fucking july and the sun should be out but it’s not despite the fact that it was a-shining with all its might a few weeks ago when I was doing exams…which would’ve been more ironic if i was ostensibly a fan of sunny weather.

but fuck, i can’t deny that aside from the discomfort of the heat there really is nothing like sun gracing human skin to rouse up ineffable feelings of joy and endless potential and, while the sun may not be out i recently discovered a laptop wizard whose music sounds like what the great gaseous ball in the sky may listen to if anthropomorphised.

the wizard in question is sabrepulse and the track which i think the sun would most appreciate is skyfire ace this track gave me the same feeling that i got when i first saw peter jackson's braindead: it just gets better and better and when you think it really can't get any better it just ups it a notch and the baby splits open a woman's head. pure genius.

so, in the name of suncream making t-shirts sticky; feeling superior to people with hayfever and chicks wearing less clothes here's summer in an mp3:

sabrepulse - skyfire ace (from chipbreak wars)

viva le sunburn!

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